Lindsay Heatley 

Hello, my name is Lindsay, first thing first, welcome! Thank you for taking the time to explore a new queer, latina, artist. I include these markers in my bio because they are at the core of who I am and as a result the core of my work. If you have any advice, feedback, or just want to chat please feel free to reach out to me via email or instagram (all linked on my site). If you want to learn a little more about me and my work keep on reading!

I stumbled upon filmmaking by accident. I was always into story, into communicating. I was convinced the best way for me to do this was through music. From age 6 t0 20 I was a devoted musician. Guitar, piano, any instrument I could get my hands on I had to try. I went to college at New York University pursuing a degree in Music Composition. While music was my work, movies were my love. My ideal evening was spent finding the best take out I could find, usually from Mamoun’s on St. Marks, and finding the perfect film to watch and rewatch. Why film? That was the only place I saw myself. Society didn’t show me anyone who looked, felt, or lived like me. The only place I could find a young queer woman was film. Movies, TV, they were my escape. They were my passion.

Now you know the inspiration, let’s get to the story, how I went from my promising career as a broke, starving, musician, to my just as promising career as a broke and starving writer/director. God bless my parents I wonder if they ever regret encouraging me to be an artist! A friend of mine in school was directing her first short film, she needed a composer, I volunteered (how hard could it be???, very hard!!!). I found myself visiting the actual set, and I was hooked. The idea of communicating story through the audio and visual was it! That is what I wanted to do! As a young queer kid in New York City I found a world I had no idea existed in my sleepy, christian, hometown. I wanted to share it. To show the fabulous drag queens, the ridiculous club kids, the freedom, the life! Girls kissing girls, boys, and everything in between. I set out to share this world in my first short film, Delivery Kids. We shot it for $500. I acted in it, I wrote it, I directed it, I produced it, it was absolutely AWFUL! I highly doubt it will ever see the light of day, but what it did show me was the path I wanted to take with my life, I wanted to write and direct, I just had to figure out how to do it.

Cut to graduation, and my first job. A set production assistant on a feature film. I learned more in those 21 days of shooting than at four years of college. Since then I have worked in the industry on television and feature films for three years. I have written and directed three short films, and will soon begin production on my fourth. My work has screened in the United States at the Nasty Women Unite Fest, as well as internationally at the Grrl Haus Film Festival. My films cover my life. My films, El Norte and Dreamers, were inspired by the recent immigration turmoil in the United States. As a woman with Mexican heritage I couldn’t help but think how easily that could be me or my family. I wanted to help, I wanted to share, and that was the inspiration behind my second and third film, available to view on this site. My fourth film, Kings and Queens, was inspired by my time in New York and the fierce, proud, drag queens I know and love there, also available to view on this site. My commercial work with the clothing brand, Rocio G., is also available to view on this site.

My fifth film, My Walk Home, will share the simple experience of a woman walking home from work and all that entails. The film is set to premiere the spring of 2020. Thank you again for taking a look at my work. Keep creating, keep loving, and enjoy your day!