Lindsay Heatley 

Lindsay Heatley is a filmmaker whose work is inspired by the untold. Her goal is to share stories of people who are not often seen on screen. Her work has screened in the United States at the Nasty Women Unite Fest, as well as internationally at the Grrl Haus Film Festival. Lindsay was first introduced to the film world as a student at New York University, where she studied music composition. Composing aided her storytelling abilities and led her to become a writer and director.  Lindsay is inspired by stories centered around the exploration of identity. As a Mexican-American woman, she was affected by the immigration policies that have arisen in the United States. The political turmoil was the inspiration for her debut film The North/El Norte. From El Norte Lindsay directed and co wrote, Dreamers, a short film inspired by the DACA dreamers who live in the United States. Lindsay is currently working on her third film, Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens, will explore the lives of drag performers in Brooklyn and New York City.  Kings and Queens will premiere in the spring of 2019.